A bunch of musicians
who never meet


We write songs online

dignity and style
mixed with romance and a bit of
crisp  digital  noir

Sounds iffy? Meet the rhythm..

Mike, a US drummer from New York, will keep you going rounds and rounds
through textured repetitive drum patters.

Ben, a China cello master, whom you'll soon know you shouldn't let get under your skin that often, since he is so very, very good at it.

Now, to the harmony..

Davey's Amsterdam violins and artistically nomadic life — add that and you have a digital gypsy team using tech to build life on their own terms.

Sophie, a Ukrainian singer and songwriter. Underneath this woolly exterior is a naked pink foot of a former best MTV Ukrainian Act who run away to slip unnoticed with pretty frock and a happy smile..

Turn on. Explore. Work. Repeat


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+38 098 709 21 00